Reduce el tamaño de tu base de datos con CDA

Is your database growing? Many of our customers have multiple years of operation with their Dynamics GP system. As a result, their databases have been growing as they hold hundreds of thousands of records (and much more in some cases). This creates databases that are really big and some of the historical data tables in those cases contain a lot of records. Even though SQL server is capable of handling large amounts of data, it is clear that larger tables with many records make any database less efficient. This is exactly why you should consider a tool such as Company Data Archive...

CDA is a product designed to transfer historical transactions from your live Dynamics GP database to a historical company created for the purpose of keeping those records. The transfer is filtered by type of document and to a user-specified cut-off date. CDA allows you to select for which modules you wish to transfer historical information. The product also offers the option of eliminating transferred transactions from the live company, which ultimately reduces the size of the live database and speeds up historical transaction lookup within the live company, which now has less number of records to duffle through. The following is the main window used to process the historical transfer of transactions on CDA:

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 4.03.11 PM

The transfer and removal process only selects fully-completed transactions (paid, transferred to history) from historical years, and provides auditing tools to track the number of transactions being transferred and reports to go along. CDA not only transfers records, but also creates the necessary master records to support them, as required, if they do not exist in the historical company. The result is that the historical company works and behaves perfectly without any user setup, but only holds historical records and closed fiscal years, for inquiry purposes.

For those companies that are seeing their databases grow, CDA allows them to reduce the size of the live company while keeping all of the historical data that may be important for trend analysis and auditing purposes.