Where is your money?
With Collect-IT, it is under your control and working for you

Collect-IT can help you minimize the number of accounts that go into default and reduce the DSO of your receivables portfolio.
Collect-IT is an accounts receivable and collections management software that enables you to be on top of your collection process. With this product, you will always know where your money is, how is each of your customers paying, by automating your collection strategies to maximize your employees work towards collecting your money.

Collect-IT is a product from Dynavistics, a company dedicated to building tools that improve your ERP's functionalities in the areas of receivables, sales, purchasing, pricing and inventory. Collect-IT is designed to connect to your ERP and manage all the necessary data by itself in an easy-to-use and flexible environment.

ICON is the preferred distributor of Dynavistics' products for our region. We offer direct connectivity with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but we can also connect Collect-IT to any other system on the market today.

Visibility, constant contact and control

Improving customer contact and obtaining constant visibility is the best way to manage your accounts receivable; it is also the best way to reduce the DSO (days sales outstanding) of your receivables portfolio. Collect-IT provides easy to use tools to enable your collectors and supervisors to always be in control of your collection process. The product integrate real-time with your financial solution and provides the functionality needed for your employees to execute their daily tasks more efficiently.

Flexibility and automation

Collect-IT allows you to create multiple collection strategies which are programmed into the system and assigned to your sales documents according to dynamic criteria such as customers, customer classes, document due status, document aging, region, etc.. The system can use these criteria to execute actions such as alerting your collectors or supervisors, or emailing a reminder note directly to the customer, using personalized email templates. The system also allows your collectors to easily attach invoices or reports to email messages to customers, in order to provide any necessary information to expedite the customer's payment process. Any and all tasks from your collectors, including phone conversation notes, promises to pay and emails sent out to customers are stored in the system and available for auditing purposes.

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