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We recently completed a very successful implementation of ReQlogic including integration to Dynamics GP. ICON and Thomas were wonderfully responsive, and the client’s highly specific needs were well satisfied.
Sherry Whitten — iDrive
ReQlogic is the web-based productivity tools that your business needs to control its costs and maintain full audit control over its purchasing processes.

ICON specializes in helping customers with their procurement needs with ReQlogic™, the leading .NET web based solution for procurement, requisition management, and expense recording, seamlessly integrated to all Micrososft ERP solutions (Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL.)

ReQlogic™ automates purchase order requisitioning, receivings, vendor invoice approvals and expense reporting, improving the efficiency and accuracy of transactions, and reducing processing costs. Its easy-to-use, 100% web based interface is integrated in real time with Microsoft Dynamics, allowing your employees to submit and approve transactions anytime, and from anywhere.

Create flexible approval policies

ReQlogic allows you to define an unlimited number of routing and approval steps. Routing criteria can be based on any of the transaction attributes including: amount, type, item properties, vendor, user, department, group, project, analytical accounting codes, budgets, personal approval levels and user defined fields. Approvers can make changes, delegate approval to other approvers, pose questions to other users in the system, approve or reject the requisition in full or by lines.

ReQlogic Mobile

ReQlogic’s mobile interface allows employees to use their mobile devices to check the status of requisitions and expenses. ReQlogic’s mobile interface allows reviewers to approve requisitions and take action over transactions using their smartphones or iPads as necessary. The interface is based on a special website designed for mobile devices, so any browsing-capable device will sport the same look and feel. For environments where mobile browsing is not available, email-driven commands for approvals and rejections are also available.

And much, much more...

ReQlogic sports highly-advanced functionalities, such as online receivings for Dynamics POs, Expense entry and approval, vendor invoice entry, vendor Request for Quotes (RFQs). ReQlogic is designed to be very easy to customize so that you can add business logic particular to your needs, such as user-defined fields and programmed approval logic. ReQlogic has more than 25,000 users worldwide. Its multilingual capability and seamless integration to all Dynamics ERPs makes it the right solution for your company.