New Dynamics GP — Much more than a new version

Microsoft released a new version of Dynamics GP in October 2019, and it is a lot more than just new functionalities — It represents the perpetuation of one of the most stable ERP products on the market.

From now on, the product will be simply named Microsoft Dynamics GP (with no specific version attached to it). This change corresponds to the inclusion of Dynamics GP in Microsoft's Modern Lifecycle Policy. This official announcement by Microsoft — more than simply eliminate the year from the name of the product — guarantees multiple yearly product updates for GP for the foreseeable future.

Of course, this iteration of Microsoft Dynamics GP brings with it a number of improvements and new functionalities which we will be detailing on our Tips page in the months to come. What's most interesting, however, is that most of these improvements are coming from ideas that users like you submit to Microsoft via the ideas portal created to make sure the product is shaped by the people who actually use it daily. In the ideas portal you can also see and vote for ideas that other customers have proposed.

Here is a summary of what's included in the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP:


Posting Recommendations in Dynamics GP

The transaction posting process in Dynamics GP is one of the most processor-intensive tasks in the system. Most users, however, do not give it a second thought when clicking the "Post" button. This is a tribute to how well designed modern ERP systems are, but I think it is always good to take a look at some best practices for posting in Dynamics GP.

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