Microsoft says: GP is here to stay!

This week Microsoft officially released a new Lifecycle Roadmap for Dynamics GP, confirming that the product will be with us for years to come.

Terry Heley, Sr. Escalation Engineer and the backbone for GP support and upgrades, published the news in her blog today:

In short, if you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP, you do not need to move to any system or think about that for the foreseeable future. Microsoft needs to sell their new products, which we also support, but GP is a very mature, complete and flexible product that has withstand the tests of time and will keep doing so for much longer.

Here is the official Dynamics GP support documentation from Microsoft:

So, enjoy your GP and keep pushing the boundaries of what and ERP can do for your company!

And remember that ICON has more than 30 years offering services to Microsoft Dynamics GP customers. Our experience and knowledge about GP will help your company achieve success.

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