When You Are Ready to Choose the Right ERP Partner Start by Asking the Right Questions

Are you ready to start looking for an ERP partner? With so many different companies offering their services, how do you know which ones will truly give you what you need and which ones are not just, well, you know… blowing smoke? Choosing the right ERP partner for your business is a decision that will impact you for many years. The right partner can help you improve your processes, accelerate your efficiency and your profits. The wrong partner will cumbersomely go through the implementation, costing you time, money, and ultimately leaving you disappointed.

So how can you choose the ERP partner that will be right for you when they all claim to be the best? To start narrowing down your list of potential partners, likely you have a list of questions that target your specific issues. While this is good, any half decent partner will be ready for the common questions. So what’s the key?

Ask tougher questions.

Ask the questions they might not be so ready for. Why is this important? Few companies make the effort to go beneath the surface when evaluating an ERP partner. So when you ask a partner questions that make them think, they are forced to uncover far more about their business practices and commitment to client success. This will leave you with a transparent view of how your relationship together might be.

What questions should you ask? ICON can help. We’ve done some homework and consulted a group of 18 industry experts to compile a list of 9 questions that everyone should ask their ERP partner.

These questions will give you insight into how the right partnership can fix specific problem areas now and continue to support you into the future. Plus, the kind of responses you should be on the lookout for, including key ideas and strategies that a good ERP partner should suggest.

Thomas Garcia here at ICON put it this way: “When searching for an ERP partner note their willingness to listen to your questions and understand your requirements, not just sell you software. There are no dumb questions and your potential new partner should know that, so don’t be afraid to ask.”

A great ERP partner won’t shy away from the tough questions, nor will they be put off that you want to investigate their track record. Rather, they’ll be eager to share what separates them from the crowd and why they will or will not be a good fit for your company.

To benefit from these insider tips download the eBook “9 Questions Nobody Asks Their ERP Partner...But Should” in this site. Don’t miss the bonus section, “9 Warning Signs to Send You Running”.

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