GPUG: A world-class user community

The Great Plains User Group is a community founded in 2006 by Dynamics GP (Great Plains) users for Dynamics GP (Great Plains) users. GPUG is one of the best-organized and useful business software communities out there.

Some time ago, I wrote a blog entitled "Best of Dynamics GP: Dynamics GP Users Group ( GPUG )" which is posted in ERP Software Blog. As GPUG Summit approaches this year, I confirm that this group is gaining more traction and more members. As other leading business software conferences are losing their focus, GPUG now more than ever is positioned to be a leading resource for users and partners alike.

GPUG provides places and times to let users interact in a hassle-free environment and learn about any feature of interest in their product, without any vaporware of sales pitch. And these are both virtual and physical places, as the always-available GPUG collaborate website is complemented by locally-held chapter meetings all over the country.

Over the last few years I have come to respect the beautiful collaboration between users and partners with a high level of expertise, and complete novices, and the discussions that showcase anywhere from very simple questions to the most impossibly complicated ones… and the answers that ensue.

If you are using Dynamics GP, or plan to use it in the future, there is one investment that I can wholeheartedly recommend, it is a membership to GPUG. This community is the single best "functionality" you will get with the product.