Take your business with you, in your pocket...

We live in a mobile world. A modern ERP system should be capable of generating information anytime, anywhere, so that people in charge of making decisions can do so efficiently and securely.

Enter MobileBoards…

MobileBoards is the product of SalesPad, Inc. that allows you to take SQL-based reports and publish them on the cloud automatically. From there, users can consume these reports using their iOS or Android device, no matter where they are. Thanks to MobileBoards, our Dynamics GP users have all of the information they require from their ERP in the palm of their hands.

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You can download MobileBoards free from Apple's App Store or Google Play. Your subscription connects you with your cloud account where your reports are published by the MobileBoards server.

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MobileBoards gives you a server-based console that allows you to design both text and chart reports. In the background, these reports are based on SQL Store procedures, giving you the ability to generated any kind of content both from Dynamics GP and any other application your company runs.

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The price of the MobileBoards annual subscription is only USD195 per user per year. A great price for taking your business with you in your pocket!

Download the SalesPad MobileBoards fact sheet here.

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