Dynamics GP can help answer your customer questions

This is a challenging marketplace we do business in. Customers are ever more savvy and have more self-service tools at their disposal. And their patience runs thin... very thin. So when they call, you better have the answers they need, or else...

This is the fact of trying to keep your customers happy. They will be very inquisitive and even seem unreasonable in many cases. Modern-day customers have grown accustomed to super-efficient businesses that can give them full visibility of their orders, inventory availability and any answer they need, right now.

In our recent blog “Customers Have Questions, Do You Have The Answers?” we discuss how a true ERP solution can connect your people to your data regardless of where they are, including customer sales histories, order status, inventory data, and delivery status information.

ICON specializes in helping you connect better with your customers, with Dynamics GP and other related productivity solutions. You can get more insight by downloading our free eBook “15 convincing reasons to replace your accounting system with ERP” to see how an ERP solution allows you to provide better customer service.

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