GP 2015 R2 is out!

Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2015 R2 in June 2015. This version includes a number of new features that are sure to improve the way you run your business in several areas. The following is a quick list of those features:

  • Purchasing All-in-one Document Viewer
  • Workflow – Accounts Payable Transaction Approval
  • Workflow – Document Attach
  • Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists
  • Self Service User Type – affordable licensing
  • Employees Self Service - W2
  • Combine General Ledger Inquiry – Historical and Current Year lookup
  • SQL View Designer
  • SmartLists Display Debits then Credits
  • Hide/Show SSN on Payroll & HR Reports
  • Use a Credit Card as Payment type for Payables Check Run Process
  • Historical Received Not Invoiced Report
  • Auto Deposit Cash Receipts in Bank Reconciliation
  • Visual Indicator for Customer Over Credit Limit
  • Scriptable Provisioning & Management
  • Enable Email for all Sales & Purchasing Forms
  • Time Management App

All of these features come in addition to the amazing number of new features already built into GP2015 last year. If you are still running an older version of Dynamics GP, you are missing out on literally hundreds of very useful capabilities, so it is time to upgrade!

To learn more about GP2015 and GP2015 R2, download the following documents from our downloads section:

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