You CAN have your inventory under control

Are you struggling with your inventory? Quantities are never what they are supposed to be? Do you have less of your star product than you would like, while having lots of products you want to get rid of? You are not alone.

One of the main reasons why distribution companies come to ICON is precisely so that we can help them better manage their inventory. For these companies, their most valuable asset, and the most difficult to understand and manage, is their inventory. Manage it well, and you will make a lot of profit, but if you mismanage it, your company may go down in flames.

In our recent blog post “The right inventory at the right time with ERP” we touch on this subject and talk about how a truly integrated ERP solution such as Dynamics GP can help you manage all business processes that affect your inventory. And the good news is that you CAN have an up-to-date inventory optimized for maximum profitability.

Many of ICON’s customers are properly managing their inventory with Dynamics GP, and other companion business applications provided by our company and our consultants. You can learn more by downloading our free eBook “15 convincing reasons to replace your accounting system with ERP” to see how an ERP solution allows you to make the best of your inventory.

You need an ERP to get your inventory under control, so Contact Us!