The Association of Dynamics Professionals: Our commitment is your insurance

ICON has been an active member of the Dynamics GP community since the 90s. We believe that stronger, knowledge-sharing partners make for better product implementations and service, and happier customers.

Dynamics GP has always been regarded as a leading ERP product, and the Microsoft partner channel was a believable source of top-trained individuals that provided a certain level of guarantee of knowledge and ability to deliver from those certified partners. This in turn translates to assurances for customers that the companies and individuals working to optimize their processes know what they are doing and will help them grow their business.

These assurances, however, have been at risk for some time now. Microsoft has been expanding its business solutions offerings and customer base, and to do so while remaining committed to their channel, they have gone too far in relaxing certification requirements for their Dynamics product lines. While this may prove successful in increasing sales, I believe it will result in decreased quality of the implementations of such complex business offerings as Dynamics GP and its ecosystem of ISV solutions.


But fear no more. This year, a leading group of Dynamics GP individuals who have long been recognized as the leaders in the business have come together and the Association of Dynamics Professionals has been born. As explained on their website DynamicsPro is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization which exists to serve the Microsoft Dynamics community by establishing competency standards and assessments, and to positively impact the Dynamics community through member-led advocacy initiatives.

I am happy to be part of the initial group of professionals committed to become the leading voice in our industry. We will be tried and tested, and we will be pushed to learn everything there is to learn about Dynamics GP. We will share our knowledge and will develop peer relations that will prove to be invaluable to come up with ever more sophisticated and useful solutions for our customers.

With the Association of Dynamics Professionals, Dynamics GP customers now have a better-than-ever baseline to help them choose their partners wisely to ensure the best chance of success when implementing Dynamics GP.