Improve your collections process and revitalize your cash flow

If sales are your company's engine, then collection is the pump that keeps the cash flowing and your engine running. There is not much good in selling a lot, if a poor collections strategy keeps putting our company in a difficult financial position. Borrowing to purchase to keep sales going while our cash is trapped by a bad collections cycle, is a recipe for failure.

Many good financial systems provide efficiencies for recording sales, and the best offer some tools to assist in the collections process. None, however, are as flexible and capable as Collect-IT, and adaptable to your financial system.

Are your collectors spending time on the phone and re-sending invoices to customers? Are they wasting effort working by exception instead of being able to work their entire customer pool? These are typical problems found in manual collection processes.

Do you want a flexible collections system that sends automated reminder to customers and helps your collectors know what is the best time to reach which customers? Collect-IT was designed to automate account receivables processes in order to speed up your collections, credit analysis and other risk-mitigating tasks. Collect-IT can track information from your customer portfolio that might otherwise go unnoticed and not attended to. It will allow you to improve communication with your customers while keeping the collections process a personalized experience.


Collect-IT is the ideal collections management tool for your company. This Dynavistics, Inc. product is designed to work with your ERP. It is an open system that connects in real time with your ERP's database and processes the date in its own SQL-based database.

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If you are ready to improve the level of communication with your customers, and increase the efficiency of your collectors, then contact us for a no-obligation demo today.