Changing the date with the keyboard... Super-fast!

Changing the date of a transaction in Dynamics GP is something normally done by using the calendar button, or by typing the date on a date field. Did you know that you can also change the date with the keyboard way faster? Here we show you how:

  • To change the date a few days back or ahead, you click on the date field and then use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys to add or subtract days to the date, one day at a time.
  • To change the date to any day within the current month, simply type the number of the day and nothing else. For example, if the current date is december 18, 2013, simply typing ’15’ will make the date ’12/15/2013’ when you tab out of the field.
  • The same applies to a specific day and month of the current year. Simply type the month and date (in the appropriate format for your regional settings) and the system will complete the date with the current year
Try them! We hope to save you a few seconds a day for the rest of your life!