Automate your posting process in Dynamics GP

Have you ever stayed late in the office waiting for others to finish their jobs just so you can post the day's transactions? Has someone forgotten to post some transactions? Are there integration processes in your company that require you to post transactions manually after they are created in the system?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you might be interested in Post Master.

Post Mater is exclusively designed for Microsoft Dynamics GP and automates the posting of transactions. With Post Master, you can schedule the posting of your batches with total control over which batches to post and when to post them. The product offers the following benefits:

  • Control when batches are posted. Allows for freeing up resources at critical times of operation
  • Schedule after-hours batch posting
  • Complete the final step of an integration process by automatically posting batches without user intervention.
  • Eliminate repetitive posting tasks for users and reduce the time taken to review pending-to-post batches.
  • Provide the capability of real-time inventory and accounting for pertinent reporting

Post Master is a great addition to any Dynamics GP customer that seeks to improve their process in an easy an economical way, by relieving their users from mundane posting tasks and allowing them to focus on more productive ones. Post Master can even run as a service so there is no GP users taken for the posting process.

You can see a demo of Post Master here:

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