Dynamics GP 2016 is here now!

As I was proceeding with the initial installation of GP2016 in my (very full of everything) demo machine, I was asking myself how the existing versions of the product would interact with the new one. You see, I have Spanish and English versions of GP2015 plus some special GP2015 installations setup to showcase some of our popular ISV products, as well as iNCF, our tax-compliance add-on for Dominican Republic.

The fact that I also had the web client installed on GP2015 (which was completely redesigned for GP2016), plus the Analysis Cubes made me wonder how these pieces would work (or not) when installing the new version.

So here is the answer: Absolutely boring. And boring is good.

My initial installation of GP2016 went quick and without a hitch. The web client was up and running without doing anything except click Next at the installer prompts. Kudos to the Microsoft Dynamics GP team for releasing a fantastic product. Now off to test the new HTML5 browser with multi-device support for Web Client, the All in One Doc viewers (see our Tip on these ones), the new ODATA service for Power BI, new service based architecture entities, and 35+ functionality features prioritized by customers.

And it does not stop here. The Dynamics GP roadmap is full of upgrades, continuing as soon as later this year! Truly GP is the most value for your money out there… take a look: